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Environmental Impact

-Allows the reuse of hundreds of millions of gallons of potable water annually!

-Potential to eliminate the need for billions of single-use disposable plastic ice bags!

-Prevents the waste of massive quantities of soggy and unsafe food that has become contaminated by cooler melt water!

"I’ve already paid for my Neat Ice bag 2 times over just by the amount of soggy food that I didn’t have to toss out. I do longer trips in my van and it’s great to be able to just buy ice anywhere and keep my cooler dry." -Chris R., CA

" If you camp, Jeep, mtb, or adventure in the outdoors in general NeatIce is the product you never knew you needed, but exactly what you have been missing! Keeps food and drinks cold, without getting them soggy, and the ice lasts a surprisingly long time! NeatIce also provides you with ice cubes for your drink of choice after your adventures, and any ice that melts can be used as cold water for your furry friends or as drinking water. The detachable spout was a surprising, but awesome and useful feature. Super well made and well thought out."  - Logan G, Colorado

"Our cooler is a happier and dryer place! It's been great to avoid waterlogged food. Total bonus is the ready supply of ice cubes for our cocktails!"  - Adam H, Minnesota

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