NeatIce Instructions
  1. Remove the rubber band and save for storing the bag.
  1. Unroll the NeatIce bag and put aside the drain hose until needed.
  1. Unzip the zipper top opening.
  1. When ready for use, fill the bag with cubed ice.
  1. Squeeze out any excess air.
  1. Starting at one end of the zipper, squeeze and close the zipper seal.
  1. Fold the zipper towards the front of the bag until the hook and loop strip that is attached to the     back of the bag makes contact with the upper hook and loop on the front of the bag.
  1. Attach the hook and loop that is on the flap to the lower hook and loop.
  1. To drain the bag and resuse or dispose of the meltwater, attach the drain hose to the the drain hose port by inserting it firmly. To drain, gently pull down on the on/off valve at the end of the hose.
  1. Refill the bag with cubed ice as necessary and enjoy your clean and dry cooler!


  • To store: Open the bag and let dry completely before rolling back up and securing with the included hook and loop strap.
  • It’s a good idea to rinse out your bag before the first use. To ensure that there are no funky tastes with the meltwater, fill the bag halfway with warm water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda and allow to dry in the sun. Wash and rinse completely the next day. Please be aware that while commercial ice cubes are regulated to be potable water safe, there may be variations in the taste and quality of the water.
  • If you find the zipper closure difficult to close, you can use silicone, glycerin, or beeswax as a lubricant. Apply a very small amount on the zipper tracks and it will make opening and closing easier.
  • The bag will hold 10 pounds of ice without the hook and loop strips secured. These strips were designed to take the pressure off the zip closure as the ice melts and becomes water. If you opt to use the bag in this manner, stand it upright in your cooler and as the ice melts you will be able to secure the hook and loop strips.