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How much ice will my NeatIce bag hold?

The bag is designed to optimally hold 5 -8 pounds of cubed ice. We wanted to keep the dimensions of the bag, when filled, to fit comfortably inside the most common sized coolers. The bag will hold 10 pounds of ice but you will not be able to secure the hook and loop flaps to take the pressure off the zip closure. 

Can I use other liquids in my NeatIce bag?

It is not recommended to use anything other than water in your bag.

Can I put water in my NeatIce bag and freeze it?

While we have done this and it works, it is not the recommended usage. If you do choose to use the bag in this manner, please be aware that it may affect the longevity of your NeatIce bag and is not covered under warranty.

My zipper is difficult to close, what can I do?

We recommend using silicone, glycerin, or beeswax as a lubricant. Apply a very small amount on the zipper tracks and it will make opening and closing smoother.

How do I clean my NeatIce bag?

Clean gently with mild soap and warm water. Allow to dry completely before storing.

Should I clean my NeatIce bag before the first use?

It’s a good idea to at least rinse out your bag before the first use. To ensure that there are no funky tastes with the meltwater, fill the bag halfway with warm water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda and allow to sit overnight. Wash and rinse completely the next day. Please be aware that while commercial ice cubes are regulated to be potable water safe, there may be variations in the taste and quality of the water.

I noticed a small amount of moisture on my NeatIce bag in my cooler, is it leaking?

No, the NeatIce bag is 100% waterproof. What you are observing is normal and is condensation forming on the outside of the bag. Just as when you  put a cold beverage inside of a warm cooler, the moisture from the air condenses on the outside surface of the object. In our experience, this amount of moisture is very minor and the NeatIce bag is superior at keeping your cooler clean and dry.